MeFirst – The Android and Web Application Currently in Development

As many of you know, MeFirst, the CUNY college app I developed has been out since the Summer of 2014 and is being constantly updated for iPhones. Many users have since messaged me for an Android release. I was surprised to see how many students actually have Android phones. Due to time, development of the iOS version, and the on-going discussions with CUNY, this took a while. However, I am now finally making progress with the Android version and it is currently in beta mode (Link at the bottom). Along with this, I am simultaneously working on a web app version which will be available through any browser. The reason for this is because I feel that along with an mobile version, a simple web application would be convenient and helpful as well for college students (Such as when they do not have access to their mobile device or if the battery runs out). I look forward to complete both of these (fun) projects very soon and making it available to CUNY students. To promote the app and to notify users of upcoming updates, I created a Facebook page which you can like:

Android beta version:

iOS version:

The web app is currently being hosted at:

The domain name will change with the final version. 🙂

Stay tuned! 😀

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